It's about creating the new You

Let's Find Your Voice Together

This is a long term mentoring commitment for you to find your voice and express it.

Fear processing

Practice 1:1 for processing all fears from your body and mind. Let’s create a FEAR-Free life.

Fear is a tool used by the shadow government to try to convinced us that we don’t have a choice and we need to continue to be slaves. 

This is a simple and powerful exercise developed and offered by Franco DeNicola.


Tools and techniques to create high-frequency relationships in your entourage 

The more you work on your own empowerment, the more you free yourself from the narrative from the past, the more you discover and recreate yourself, the more loving you became. A relationship starts with you first. And then with the love ones and then with others. 

I share with you the techniques, tools, exercises I used in my journey to create the most beautiful and supportive high-frequency intimate relationship with my beloved partner.


Every Wednesday @12:30 PM via zoom

I invite you to join by using the zoom:

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Daily Routine

Establishing a daily routine is a key in you transformation.

This is not for daisy people. 

This is for committed people to become sovereign and become the leader they are meant to be hear on Earth NOW


Practice makes PERFECT
Workshops, Meditations, Books