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Journey of Coaching 1: Talk fearlessly to the authorities!

Present Inner State

1. Feeling like you have a problem when you have to talk to people in positions of authority.


2. You learn to free yourself from the fear that paralyzes you

Le résultat

3. You find freedom of speech! Become your own authority! Fantastic!

Journey of Coaching 2: Découvrir ce que vous voulez vivre

Present Inner State

1. Feeling that you are suffering when you see what is happening in the world


2. You learn to develop the state of Neutrality – See Perfection in everything


3. You stay in your business, put the focus on yourself and discover what you want to experience!

Journey of Coaching 3: Become your perfect partner

Present Inner State

1. You are alone and you want to be in a relationship


2. You learn how to become, yourself, for yourself, the ideal partner


3. Enjoy your new You! Go out and play!

Journey of Coaching 4: Trouver la liberté d'être!

Present Inner State

1. You're working hard, a lot, you're not giving yourself a brake


2. Learn to BE more instead of DO DO DO!


3. See the reality for what it is: a game!

First session: TAROT reading


I use the Tarot cards as a tool that I find extremely supportive and I use it as a guidance tool during the person’s journey.

Here are some testimonials from the people who have benefited from this powerful tool.

Justine Alessi et Deborah Waltz were my teachers and with Inelia Benz, inspirations on this journey.

Excellent Timing

The reality that we have been experiencing since March 2020, offers an incredible opportunity to come back to oneself, to the interior of one’s home, one’s body and observe, evaluate, adjust one’s life.

Do you want to seize this opportunity to help change life in your home, in your head, in your workplace?

Rencontres sans contraintes géographiques

Meetings can be made from the comfort of your home.

For virtual meetings I use the zoom platform. You download it from:

Créer un Monde Sans Peur

I dream of living in a world without fear. For now this world exists only in my imagination. I had the chance to meet a few people who live a life free of fear!

I found them very inspiring and I want to participate in creating a fearless world everywhere on the planet. I start in my part of the country, in Montreal, in the province of Quebec, Canada.

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Témoignages - TAROT

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