My Story

I found my voice and NOW I co-create an amazing life experience with my family, friends and colleagues !

I used to live my life by being run by the UNCONSCIOUS programs and belief systems, full of drama, anger, aggression, and other low frequency emotions. 

By consciously choosing to educate myself, I was able to remove  the unconscious programs. I decided to engage with life at a High-Frequency level only, living in Joy, Bliss, Harmony, Love, Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Curiosity, Satisfaction, Collaboration, Conscious Co-Creation, Vibrancy, Strength, and Power!

In my journey there were teachers that inspired me, by their self power, freedom and integrity. I follow their examples of integrity and freedom and I am very grateful to: Inelia Benz, Byron Katie, Sophie Gilbert, Franco DeNicola and especially to my daughter Sabina who believed in me and my power to be free. 

My Vision

BE WHO and WHAT I came here to BE

My Mission

Lead the embodiment of the High-Frequency Paradigm

Looking for the Fear-Freethe High-Frequency Paradigme Experience?

    The Journey To the New ME


    Mentoree Graduate from Inelia Benz

    One year mentoring program with Inelia Benz


    NLP Certified Coach

    Graduate NLP Coach at the Institut International de Coaching


    The School for The Work Graduate

    Graduate as a student from The School for The Work with Byron Katie


    India - Spirituality & Discovery

    Two weeks in India to touch with the culture, the spirituality, taste the water from the Gange every morning after our daily meditation. Astral travel, Telepathy


    Laura Langemeier- 100K Challenge coaching program

    The $100K Challenge is the #1 mentoring program for people who want to increase their revenue by $100k.


    Sophie Lambert - Cours

    Class "Le chemin de la maîtrise" - Become a master of my life


    Landmark Forum

    Curriculum de Vie Landmark: Landmark Forum, Advanced Course,Self-Expression and Leadership Program

    Let's remove the FEAR from our bodies!
    Let's discover your voice together!
    Let's actively and purposely live day to day at a High-Frequency level!

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