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Find Your Voice

This is a long term mentoring commitment for you to find your voice and express it

1:1 Consulting

Practice 1:1 for processing all fears from your body and mind 


Tools and techniques to create high-frequency relationships in your entourage 


Workshops, Online gathering and discussions about the establishment of a daily routine and the commitment to it

About Cosmina

At first I believed what was repeated to me incessantly:

That I don’t have a choice,
That I have to fight,
That I can’t do what I want just to do what I do,
That I have to be submissive,
That I don’t deserve anything from life,
That I only deserve to be punished,
That I have no value,
That I am responsible and redoubtable to those who have sacrificed themselves for me,
That my duty is to sacrifice myself,
Because life is sacrifice, is disease, is suffering,
Because that’s the way it’s supposed to be!
I put them all in one bag and i’m on my way,
On the road of life, of my life here, in the physical plane.

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